Zooming to the Kitchen

By Tabitha Bean, ’23

This past Tuesday, November 17th, Real Food hosted its first virtual cooking class of the semester as a collaboration with BC Dining.

Working hand-in-hand with Boston College’s very own chefs Phyllis Kaplowitz and Frank Bailey, Real Food curated a recipe that showcased the fall harvest from our campus garden and promoted sustainable practices and local produce.

The evening consisted of sauteing vegetables, grating potatoes, and much more in order to create this cold weather-friendly bok choy miso ramen and fried potato latke dish.

A couple dozen students hopped on zoom with us, either as roommates making a cozy meal together or as individuals trying their hand at this fun recipe. Each student was equipped with a big, white bag full of all the ingredients they would need throughout the night. For $15 from meal plan, BC Dining provided a recipe kit to each student participant. 

Chef Phyllis and Chef Frank walked us through the recipe step-by-step; giving us advice on how to make the dish perfect for our tastes and helping us modify the steps to accommodate whatever kitchen set-up everyone had. Chef Phyllis made sure that we could make this experience our own and that we loved the final product. Along the way countless jokes were shared and potato peels were flying. 

The time spent chopping and peeling was filled with lighthearted banter about parsnips and questions about Chef Phyllis’s rich career of competing on FoodNetwork’s popular show “Chopped” and cooking for BC students at Corcoran Commons Dining Hall.

After a little over an hour of following along with Chef Phyllis and ending up covered in a potato-egg-flour mixture, students beamed holding up their finished meals. Shortly after BC Dining’s sustainability manager, Juli Stelmaszyk, who sat in on the event, snapped a screenshot of everyone’s smiling faces, a chorus of “thank you” and “goodbye” rang through the computers as everyone left, feeling accomplished, and ready to eat.

The next day my social media was flecked with images of beautifully arranged bowls of ramen and crispy potato latkes as Real Food and BC Dining’s instagrams were reposting the students’ efforts from the night before.

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